What are the different knitted jumper patterns ?

Knitted jumpers are essential clothing for cooler weather and winter evenings. Their combination of comfort and elegance makes them a must-have accessory in many people's wardrobes. There are a variety of knitted jumper models, and each one has its own characteristics. These different models are identified by their collar shapes and you are invited to discover them.

The V-neck

The V-neck is an ideal choice for a knitted jumper because it offers a touch of sophistication while remaining simple and elegant. To continue with the same logic, this type of collar is perfect for lightweight knits for transitional seasons. V-necks are a great choice for jumpers to layer with shirts. V-necks can be knitted with different stitches to create interesting textures such as twists. To complete a modern look, opt for a deep V-neck.

The round neck

The round neck is a casual choice for a knitted jumper. They are easy to knit and work well with many styles of clothing. Round collars are ideal especially for thick, warm knits for colder weather. To add more sophistication to your style, choose a round neck with a yarn roll finish. The round neck is versatile and can be worn with or without a shirt. Round collars can be knitted in a variety of patterns to achieve better textural effects.

Funnel Neck

The funnel neck is a good choice for cold days and protects against the wind. This type of collar is very fashionable and can add a subtle touch to a knitted jumper. The funnel neck is usually side-knit for an extra textural effect. It is most suitable for heavy, thick knits, especially wool or cashmere jumpers. Funnel necks can be knitted with twist patterns to create a more pleasing textural effect.

The button-down collar

The button-down collar is a practical alternative for knitted jumpers. It adds an extra opening for optimal comfort and makes the jumper easier to wear. This type of collar can be buttoned or unbuttoned depending on personal preference. Button-down collars are particularly suitable for lightweight knitwear and are easy to combine with different styles of clothing. Button-down collars can be knitted with contrasting buttons to give it a variation in colour or texture.

The turtleneck

The turtleneck is very fashionable for a knitted jumper. It is knitted so that the collar folds in on itself to give a smart, casual look. The turtleneck is suitable for light to medium weight knit jumpers for cooler weather. Turtlenecks can be worn alone or under a jacket or coat for a flashier look. The turtleneck is also very versatile and can be combined with other clothing styles to create a unique design.

Shawl collar

The shawl collar is popular for its cosy and warm look for a knitted jumper. This type of collar is knitted to fold over the shoulders and cross over at the front. This creates a shawl-like shape, hence the name. The shawl collar is generally suited to thick, warm knitwear for cold winter weather. It is a versatile collar and can be worn in many different ways. You can either leave it open for a relaxed casual design or you can cross it for extra warmth.