A new Billboard record for Pop Smoke

It has been 1 year since the young rapper Pop Smoke left us. Coldly shot at his home on February 19, 2020, the young rapper of 20 years was considered as the nugget of North American rap. However on February 7, Pop Smoke of his real name Bashar Barack Jackson had released his second mixtape album Meet the Woo 2.

Gone too soon

According to the major magazine TMZ, two armed and apparently hooded men infiltrated the young man's home in Hollywood and opened fire on the rapper. Died moments later from a bullet lodged in his chest, Pop Smoke was considered the successor of 50cent and one of the rising figures of the Drill movement in the U.S. Recall that the Drill is a musical subgenre characterized by violent, dark lyrics and an irregular rhythm.

Gone but still present

Although he is no longer with us, Pop Smoke is still talking about him and in the most beautiful way. Indeed, the rapper has just broken a new record. His album "Shoot for the stars, aim for the moon" released on July 3rd is the one that stayed the most at the first place of the Billboard Top Rap Albums. It stayed 21 weeks at the top, a first in the history of the chart. A remarkable performance that surely would have appreciated the rapper in his lifetime.

Let's remember that the Billboard ranking is the most prestigious singles ranking in the USA. Realized by the Billboard magazine, it faithfully reflects the sales to the public. Created on August 4th, 1958, it is necessary to say that this classification has seen a good number of artists. Among those who stayed the most weeks on top, we have Mariah Carey (16), Luis Fonsi (16) and Lil Nas (19) with his single Old Town Road.

Hats off to Pop.