Aviator game: how to bet and not to lose money?

Among all the games that are available on gaming platforms, aviator is one of the most popular. Because of its high payout rate, the game is highly appreciated by players. Moreover, its rules are pretty simple and playing it charges customers with huge emotions. However, if you don't know where the plane leaves, you may lose your bet, even if you are the best player ever. Here are our winning tips to help you take over the game and avoid losing your cash while placing real bets!

Get registered on an online casino

If you want to win real rewards while playing aviator game, you obviously have to get an account on a gaming platform. And getting registered is not that complicated. You just have to find a casino that offers this game and get registered at that specific casino. By the way, aviator-games.org/tr/ may help you out with the sites that offer the aviator game.  
Once you have done this, you can top up your account. The next thing is to search for the game aviator in the collection of the website you have chosen. You can immediately launch the game if you want to bet for real money. If not, you can always try out the demo version of the game. Almost all the sites that offer such a game, provide it in demo mode as well.

Play aviator game in demo mode

Playing the demo version of a slot game is one of the best ways not to lose money. The demo version of aviator gives you the opportunity to test the game in safe mode without real bets. But you cannot await real reward as well. The demo mode is also of great help for new players because they get to know more about the gameplay, its characteristics and different features.  
Another reason why you should take advantage of the demo version is that it helps you see how the plane moves, at which odds it may stop and practice cashout in time! Because if you do not cashout before the plane flies away, you are definitely losing the round.

Activate automatic cashout

Another significant tip to play and avoid losing money on the aviator game is to leverage automatic cashout in your gaming strategy. The principle is simple here; you just have to set a given multiplier at which the algorithm will automatically cash out your winnings.  
This autoplay mode is an effective way to win as you do not have to be stressed out, waiting for the plane to be gone. And the great news is, as the probability that the plane stops at low multipliers is small, you can leverage that tactic to set a small multiplier coefficient for the autocashout mode.

Place small bets

As the saying goes, small steps are the key to success. The same saying can be applied to the aviator game. If you want to win and avoid losing your money in pursuit of big rewards, you better place small bets.  
The game even gives you the chance to place two independent bets. You can use each of them to place small bets; if it comes out that you win, lucky you! Also remember that winning small is always better than losing your bets while waiting for a bigger reward.