San Diego Comic-Con 2021

The San Diego Comic-Con is a comic book festival where comic book, science fiction and animation professionals are awarded the Inkpot Prize.

Another virtual comic con

Like the 2020 edition of the major comic book festival, next July's comic con has been announced online by the event's organizers. In addition, the online experience will be reduced to a 3-day event starting next July 23.

While sharing the pain of comic book fans, the comic con organizing committee assures the holding of a three-day event with a reduced staff next November.

Very optimistic about the improvement of the health situation, the comic con committee assures that the 2022 comic con will be held as usual. That is to say, a comic con in person where all comic book lovers will be able to attend this annual festival.

Comic con nominations and awards

At this event, some participants are given awards. The Inkpot Award instituted in 1974 recognizes professionals in comics, science fiction and animation. Some famous winners of the Inkpot award are George R. R. Martins to whom we owe the famous saga from which the Game of Thrones series is adapted, Jack Kirby, Stan Lee.

About twenty people are awarded each year.

The Eisner Prize, is awarded to some personalities of the comic strip in different categories. It is usually for works published the year before the festival. The name of the award is that of one of its first winners, the writer Will Eisner. Alan Moore is the most awarded author of the Eisner Award.

To date, the comic con has had 52 regular and consecutive editions. It was only in 2020 that the event was cancelled due to the Covid-19 pandemic. The next in-person edition of the event will likely be held in 2022 after the coronavirus problem is fully resolved.